Frequently Asked Questions

What surface can the Cradle Mobile Phone Holder attach to?

Our Universal Cradle Mobile Phone Holder is designed to attach to smooth surfaces only.

We do not recommend vehicle dashboards. This area will usually be of a mottled or porous surface.

The Cradle Mobile Phone Holder does not have a sticky base. Sticky base phone holders do not perform well when the vehicle becomes heated.

How does the polymer base grip a smooth surface area?

The extra thick polymer surface grips by turning the base lever anti-clockwise thus causing the majority of the polymer base to attach to the surface area it is applied to.

Other phone holders that only clip down retain large pockets of air allowing the heat to expand.This causes the phone holder to detach from the surface.

Our polymer based phone holders have a minimal air pocket.

The polymer base makes for an extremely good gripping function.

It is an extremely strong heavy duty gripping mechanism.

Should i moisten the polymer base before applying the phone holder?

No. This will only cause the polymer surface to become brittle and interfere with it's application.

We recommend that the surface area that the phone holders polymer surface is to be attached is clean and dust free.

Can i retain my phones protective case before i insert it into the phone holders cradle?

Yes. If the case or cover of your phone or device is of a reasonable thickness.

Our Universal Phone Holder Cradle will grip and lock onto it perfectly.

A mobile phone or device cover or case that is of silicon, rubber material or carbonate enhance the cradles rubber flexi locking brushes. These are recommended.

Bulky wallet cases are not.

Does the cradle or magnetic phone holders have a 360° function?


Yes. All our phone holder cradles and magnetic phone holder heads have 360° capability. Very useful when wanting to turn your device into landscape mode such as GPS map reading.

We recommend that the cradles ball and swivel at the rear of the cradle is not over tightened so as to allow this function.

The 360° magnetic phone holder has a magnetic head that will allow the mobile phone to be turned without turning the phone holder. Very easy.

Can the magnetic phone holders grip my large mobile phone in place?

Yes. Our Magnetic Phone Holder and our Air Vent Magnetic Phone Holder will grip your mobile phone when used with our large rectangular 3M Contact Plate.

Two contact plates are supplied with each phone holder.

The plate, with it's large surface area when adhered to the rear of your phones cover or case grips onto the 4+ magnetic head of the phone holder.

The contact plate can also be located within thin silicone covers. This still allows the plate to make contact with the magnetic head of the phone holder.

Do not adhere contact plate directly to the rear or front of your mobile phone or device.

Our magnetic Phone Holders will keep your mobile phone securely in place even over some of the roughest terrain.

Phone covers or cases that are of silicon, rubber material or carbonate enhance the Magnetic Phone Holders very well.

We do not recommend using wallet type mobile phone cases.

Please see above as to our recommendations on how to best use our Magnetic Mobile Phone Holders with a polymer surface base.

Will the Air Vent Magnetic Holder grip and stay in my air vent?

Yes. We recommend our Air Vent Magnetic Holder be used in horizontal air vents.

Vertical slatted vents may not accomplish a firm grip.

Our 2 pronged air vent grips magnetic phone holder with ridged inner and alloy neck will work excellently when placed and then tightened (not overly) onto the bottom slat of your air vent thus stopping any droop. This being accomplished by the base of the air vent.

We do not recommend the air vent holder being attached to any of the upper slats.

How many magnets are within the Magnetic Phone Holders?

Four. This is what keeps your mobile phone staying put. And with the large rubberised head of our Magnetic Phone Holders, you can be rest assured that even large and weighty mobile phones will be held in place.


Will the Bicycle Phone Holder/Motorbike Phone Holder stay gripped to my handlebar?


Yes. The double clamp grip of our Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder, Motorbike Phone Holder or Scooter Mobile Phone Holder have two grips for your handlebar. One being expendable to fit onto the widest of handlebars and the other that clamp and lock onto the 1st grip keeping the Bicycle/Motorbike/Scooter Phone Holder solidly in place.

Our universal phone cradle with long rubberised brushed side grips will lock onto your mobile phone device.

We've added a 3mm silicone tether that when used will securely wrap onto the outer edges of your device.  We recommend the above mobile phone cover or cases to enhance this feature.


What's best for my Bicycle or Motorbike? Clamp grip or Stem grip?


When choosing the Clamp Grip, please take into consideration the area on your handlebar. Is there room enough to secure the clamp grip?.

If not, our Stem Grip Phone Holder can attach to your Bicycle, Motorbike or Scooters wing mirror stem or centre bike stem or any removable bolted area.

The Stem Grip Phone Holder has a 360° universal cradle function. Ideal for GPS map reading.

The rigid alloy Stem Grip keeps your mobile phone or device locked into the position of your choice.


Where can i attach the Mariner Phone Holder?

Your boats interior cabin or below deck area has a variety of places to attach any of our Mobile Phone or device holders.

All of our phone holders can be affixed to any area that suits your need.

Smooth surfaces, bars, rails, vents.

It's an endless choice.

Our mobile phone or device holders will perform just as well within your boat, just as they do for cars, bicycles, motorbikes, scooters, home or office.

Which phone holder can i use for my stroller?

We recommend our Clamp Mobile Phone Holder.

Easy to attach to your stroller or prams push bar.

Universal and with the 360° function.